2017 CES show: E&L spot exposure highlights the fashionable resolute style!

2017-01-06Автор: 意龙

      In January 5-8, 2017, the world's largest CES international consumer electronics products exhibition has opened in the world-renowned city—— Las Vegas, which is biggest and most widespread Consumer Electronics Technology exhibition, also the largest consumer technology industry event worldwide. CES not only witnesses the development footprint of global electronic technology every year, but also highlights the development trend of the entire technology industry in the next year.

     The staffs in Shenzhen E&L Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as E&L) have already arrived at the scene a few days ago before the opening of the exhibition, beginning to decorate the exhibition scene. The carpet with mysterious carbon color blends perfectly with the product poster background wall. E&L series main mobile phone products are orderly placed on the booth. The background color is the classic black and yellow. The eye-catching "E&L" light box words against the black background wall highlights the fashionable elegant style!

      E&L Products display is definitely the highlight of each booth. The overall color arrangement in E&L exhibition and the color of mobile phones on the booth complement each other. With the combination of mysterious carbon and fashionable yellow color, visitors can understand the appearance and features of the products at the first glance. The high-end, resolute and simple fashion is stood out.

     product manuals are placed on both sides of the exhibition and the booth. It is convenient for customers to understand the product introduction quickly and easily. The color of product manuals is also with eye-catching yellow. There is a product demo screen on the background wall, which can help customers understand the products’ main features direction quickly.


      The exhibition also holds a small reception room. With the combination of cylindrical sofa and round coffee table, and the moderate light exposure, the overall decorative configuration gives people a sense of simplicity and stableness, just as the products and philosophy of E&L, which pursuits a spirit of life.

      With full enthusiasm and confidence, E&L participates in the CES global event at the beginning of the new year to show the world its representative and unique electronic products. These products not only represent the E&L's scientific and technological achievements, but also reveal the entire industry trend in 2017. Hereby, we welcome every friend to visit the CES show and experience the glory of E&L!

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